Pine Pellet Horse Bedding That Is Highly Absorbent
Condensed pine wood bedding pellet is the next generation of horse bedding. Our pellets are manufactured to higher standards than other horse bedding pellets on the market. We start with only kiln-dried/high heat treated pine shavings. Through our proprietary process we extract the dust prior to pelleting so the softened fiber remains lower in dust while maintaining high absorbency.  Our premium horse stall bedding is the preferred pellet because of our unique manufacturing process.  Guardian Horse Bedding pellets will last longer and control ammonia odor better! Packaged in our space-saving bag that contains .95 cu. ft. of pelletized pine. (40 lbs).
In its softened state, our pine pellet bedding is highly absorbent and easy to sift. Our premium pine pellet bedding is a healthy, long-lasting alternative to shavings or straw.  In its finished form, the pellet provides a proper alternative for horses or other animals with allergic tendencies when it comes to bedding or litter.
  • Ready to use ( add water to soften or use "as is" ).
  • 100% softwood pine fiber.
  • .95 cu. ft. (40 lbs per bag). 
  • Heated to extreme temperatures to remove tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens the processing temperatures reach the level of pasteurization.
  • Highly absorbent (wet spot actually clumps).
  • Reduce disposal volume by up to 50%.
  • Consistent process provides a high quality product from each of our plants.
  • Fine textured to sift easily.
  • Low dust is achieved through our extensive dust extraction process.
  • Composts quickly and efficiently.
  • Consistent texture is supportive, shock absorbing and comfortable in the horse stall or trailer.

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