Thanks for the Memories

Kentucky Farm Management:

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed keeping my horse Cimarron at Kentucky Farms and thanks for all the help you gave me. The people are friendly, the management is great, and the trails are fantastic. There was always someone to talk with or ride with if wanted.
I will never see a bright sun shining day that I will not think: “what a great day for a horseback ride at Ky Farms.”


Dear Janine, Meagan, Amber & The Kentucky Farm Crew,

Chad, Amber, Chiquita and I have settled in our new home in SC...just 20 mins south of Myrtle Beach.

Although we love the warmer weather, relaxed beach life, and being closer to family and friends we truly miss Kentucky Farms as our boarding facility!!!!

Our new horse home is a nice place but MAN, did we get spoiled at Kentucky Farms!!! The farm itself, the wonderful access to miles of trail rides, the barn amenities, the boarders (no drama) and of course Janine and her girls, all combined are rarities in the horse boarding world...believe me...I know from many years of boarding experience all over the US!

I wish you all a wonderful horsey future. Cherish Kentucky Farms and the ladies who run it! They've certainly made it hard for us when comparing any other boarding facilities!

If you're ever in SC give us a shout!

Thanks again,